Pre-Design Planning

This is the initial planning phase, the thinking and conceptual phase. Through consultations with the client, the project objectives are determined and data is gathered. Government Agency Consulting Review and Approval for development is acheived.

  • Programming and Establishing Project Requirements
  • Preliminary Space Allocations and Flow Diagrams
  • Evaluations of Existing Facilities
  • Project Scheduling
  • Project Budgeting

Site Analysis

  • Site Analysis and Selection Site Development
  • Land Planning
  • Zoning Compliance Assistance

Design Development

The project takes shape throughout this phase. Concepts and ideas are transformed into drawings and documentation.

Project Administration

  • Coordination and Analysis of Client Data
  • Architectural Design and Documentation
  • Landscape Design and Documentation
  • Preliminary Statement of Probable
  • Construction Cost
  • Architectural Renderings
  • Architectural Model Construction
  • Energy Efficiency Analysis of Building and Materials
  • Interior or Tenant Development Consultation
  • Refinement of Project Scheduling

Construction Document Development

Throughout this phase the client reaches final decisions and selections. Upon approval, final drawings and documentation are prepared by Timothy Bennett Architects, P.C..

  • Project Administration
  • Architectural Design
  • Documentation of Structural Design
  • Documentation of Mechanical Design
  • Documentation Electrical Design
  • Documentation Site Engineering Landscape Design
  • Documentation Interior Design
  • Documentation Materials/Finishes Research
  • Specifications Special Bidding Documents
  • Scheduling Updated Statement of Probable Construction Cost

Bidding and Negotiation Services

The quality of construction is critical to a successful project. Throughout this phase Timothy Bennett Architects, P.C. guides and assist the client in negotiating and awarding construction contracts.

  • Preparation of Bidding Instructions
  • Addenda to Project Documentation
  • Bid Evaluation and Analysis Construction Cost
  • Negotiation and Analysis of Project Cost
  • Alternatives and Substitutions
  • Construction Contract Consultation

Construction Contract Administration

  • Project Administration
  • Project Representation and Construction Observation
  • Supplemental Documents
  • Project Schedule Monitoring
  • Project Closeout and Completion

Post-Construction Services

  • Warranty Review
  • Post-Construction Evaluation