The entrepreneurial spirit comes from both sides of my family. Digging thru my family files I found this little booklet written by my maternal grandfather. In 1926 he formed a business in Chicago. Over the years his 3 brothers joined him, each bringing their own talents and helping to grow he business. At first reselling cheese from a truck  and eventually establishing their own facilities

Probably not many people around that still remember Ryser Brothers. The Mt Horeb historic society has a write up on the facitily they ran there for 40 years [Link]. Not much of a record exists for their time in Chicago but their building was still standing a few years ago. I never had the opportunity to meet him as he didn’t live much past the writing of this booklet.

I put this out here not expecting anyone to read it but more just to add this to the fabric of the internet. If it helps you imagine the world of a 16 year old Swiss immigrant in during WW1, a 23 year old explorer in Peru, or a 26 year old peddler then bonus.