TB Architects is excited to announce our new office location and agreement with Dayhouse Coworking. TB Architects has worked with Dayhouse to develop their new coworking and shared office suites in a previously under-utilized space in Highland Park, Illinois. Images of the finished space should be available autumn 2018.

We believe locating our offices in a coworking facility will not only allow us to provide additional amenities to our staff and clients but also give us flexibility in our staffing needs while providing a fertile cooperative environment where all parties can benefit by the exchange of talents and creativity.

Dayhouse Ammenities** to include:

  • WIFI – Blazing fast.
  • COFFEE AND MORE – You’ll find coffee, tea, infused water, and snacks in our cheery, well equipped kitchen (plus the basics to store and heat up your own lunch).
  • PRINTING AND COPYING – For those times you need to go analog.
  • LACTATION ROOM – A comfortable room with a sink to wash pump parts, and a small fridge for milk storage.
  • RETREAT ROOM -Take a power nap or strike a few yoga poses in our serene Retreat Room (also available for yoga class rental).
  • CHILDCARE – Your littles will love Smallhouse — our fun, soundproof playroom staffed by experienced caregivers. You’ll love the chance to concentrate on work. Children may attend for up to three hours while a guardian remains on the premises. (Available for all Dayhouse guests and members. Rates TBA)
  • MAIL AND PACKAGE RECEPTION – Use our address, and we’ll sort your mail and packages. ($50 for Lite members / $25 for Flex members / Free for Dedicated desk and monthly or yearly office rentals)
  • CONCIERGE SERVICE – Those little tasks that clutter up your to-do list? Hand them off to us while you focus on what really matters. (Available for Lite members and above. Rates TBA)

** Information exerpted from the Dayhouse site and subject to change. TB Architects makes no warranties or claims to the services offered by Dayhouse or their vendors.


Existing Condition Images: